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Nitro Addict (2015) VID

Posted Δεκεμβρίου 18, 2014 by Lampridis Athanasios in SNOWBOARD

About the Addict

Taking a good thing and making it great is what keeps people coming back for more. We updated the Addict with Roofchop Camber to increase the playfulness, precision and ollie power of this mid-wide directional twin board.

We also collaborated with Estevan Oriol to give the Addict the graphic it deserves.

The only thing holding you back from you addiction is yourself – get to the mountain and let the addict show you why you can´t get enough of snowboarding!

Roof Chop Camber
Smooth and Even Response
In an effort to build the smoothest-performing boards on the mountain, Nitro designed the Roof Chop Camber: A low positive camber with a flattened center zone provides unmatched pop and even edge pressure without bite.
Premium Extruded FH Base
Easy And Versatile
Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra clear base material – our FH
Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
Powercore II
Enhanced Performance And Extra Strength
The Powercore II is a tip-to-tail poplar wood core with additional beech wood stringers for unrivalled strength, smooth response and insane snap.
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