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Far From Home’ Now Available Online

Posted Νοεμβρίου 28, 2015 by Lampridis Athanasios in trailers

Far From Home from Galen Knowles on Vimeo.

We’ve been following the interesting story of Brolin Mawejje for a few years now. After moving to the USA from Uganda as a child, he soon developed a love of snowboarding that became an obsession – not to mention a way of coping with a tough, turbulent existence.

It’s been far from an easy task, but with support from the likes of Travis Rice (as well as the Ugandan national snowsports body, the existence of which would have been the stuff of fantasy just a couple of years ago) we may well see him at the next Olympics. Oh, and did we mention he’s also training to be a doctor at the same time?

Far From Home is the long-awaited documentary that covers Brolin’s past, present and future. It’s available online now – just click the link below.

Watch Far From Home here :


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