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Ski Code of Conduct !!

The smooth movement of vehicles on the roads is the Highway Code (the known KOK) ο οποίος ορίζει κ...


Legislation for Camping

Under current legislation, camping is permitted in organized campsites (campsite), which ...


Sport fishing

Recreational – sport fishing is governed by the provisions of PD. 373/85 (131 A),and by Reg(EC)1967/2006. The amateur ...



If involved in an accident, you must keep your cool and avoid bickering. First, καλείτε ...


Outdoor Advertising

The Outdoor Advertising is regulated primarily by the N 2946/2001. The provisions relating to the promotion of business, Mr...


Indebted households

By bringing your law N. 3869/2010, on the "Setting debts indebted individuals and other provisions" (ΦΕΚ ...

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