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The Snowboardholics composed of persons engaged in a higher proportion with Snowboard and ski, and less with other extreme sports, as MTB, kite surf, skate κλπ. Receiver can become all, whether engaging in extreme sports or not. At regular intervals we concentrations in selected hot spot sites in the city, where we decide what sport will take place either as athletes or as volunteers. Also, organize trips and excursions to various tourist destinations, in cooperation with various site and travel agencies in Greece and abroad, and despite numerous day trips, during the winter months in our ski resorts. Find us on our Facebook page, but in google typing We booked already ... 5 years and continue!

Snowboardholics consist of individuals engaged mostly in SNB and ski, and less in other extreme sports, such as mountain bike, kite surf, skate, etc. You can all be accepted, whether you’re dealing with extreme sports or not. We occasionally organize meetings in selected “hot spot” locations in the city, where we decide in which sports we’ll take place, either as athletes or as volunteers. We also organize trips and tours to various tourist destinations in collaboration with various sites and travel agencies in Greece and abroad, as well as lots of day trips in our ski resorts, especially during the winter months.

You can find us on Facebook through our page “snowboarholics” or on google by typing…We’ve already celebrated 5 years and we keep on going!

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