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Pets are good for our health!!

Posted October 3, 2013 by Lampridis Athanasios in KNOW

You pet; Then you are very lucky as apart of company do you good and your health!
According to various scientific studies the beneficial effects are:
1 Reduce stress
Enough just a few minutes with a dog, one cat or even a fish in the aquarium to swim, to someone feel less stress and less unhappiness. What happens in the body biochemically explains the change in mood: Cortisol, stress hormone, decreases and production seretoninis (the happiness hormone) increases.
2 Regulate the pressure

A happy pet may regulate the pressure in people suffering from hypertension. In a study conducted in 240 married couples, their owners had lower pressure and lower heart rate, in relation to the couples were pet. In A further study showed that children with hypertension who had looked after the animals had lower pressure, especially when caressed.
3 Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
Cholesterol and triglycerides are reduced to dog owners. To study this observation was true for all cases. Experts do not know why this happens, but speculate that helps lifestyle dog, ie the ride has benefits for the boss (of course) and attention to diet makes the boss to think more and himself.
4 Improve heart function
"Cats are excellent for the heart ', Experts argue that they did 20 years study, which showed how people who never in their lives had cat, have 40% more likely to die from heart attack. In another study of dog owners, showed how those who own dogs and suffer myocardial, the chances of survival are extremely high. In conclusion dog owners have lower risk result from heart problems, including cardiac failure.
5 Combat severe depression
Psychologists in the US "prescribe" dogs to those who suffer from depression. That suggested as an important part of treatment. This is because in most cases people suffering from depression they lack the feeling that someone loves them. Dogs are delivered and love unconditionally their bosses, even if they hit the, not the walkers, or generally torment. Also, absolutely dedicated and everything,what if the do, not to leave never.
6 "They make" the body
Dog owners tend to be more active and less overweight people. Pulling the dog 30 minute ride day, and you put yourself in the mandatory daily motion posing experts, as most people do not walk 30 minutes a day.
7 Help the brain
One way to get people psychologically and mentally healthier, is their socialization, the essential feature of human nature i.e.. Dog owners tend to talk to each other, even on issues that have no value, and this is beneficial for the soul and the brain, especially for those employed much about their work and their daily conversation is throughput.
8 Anti-allergy in children

The latest research shows that children who are born and grow at home where dog or cat, are less likely to develop allergies. The same happens in homes where there are farms with large animals.

After all those who do not have pets, it's probably time to get a ...

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