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Bike routes: How is our personality with our preferences;

Posted January 31, 2013 by Lampridis Athanasios in BICYCLE

Those who are bike enthusiasts, will certainly have some favorite routes and destinations, where you can relax or you elevate mood. Aside from the obvious usefulness of this means of transport (especially in a country buses, the subway and taxi strike often), the bike is for many a hobby, one way fitness or just a chance to go out. The route choice is a matter of subjective, which appear several times associated with some aspects of our personality.

City or Mountain; Busy roads or trails in the forest; For those who have grown up in an urban environment, the 'cycling' in bitumens full of cars and noise may not be a big deal, contrary to nature lovers and those who have grown out of town, that these features will probably be horrified and would choose the quietness of nature, the dirt and bumpy road. Familiarity with the rhythms of each frame, is often a catalyst in the selection of our cycling route. Of course, there is the percentage of those who have been saturated receive the same stimuli with which they grew up and eventually prefer a different context.

Another catalyst for route selection are the events of the past or else the triggers in our lives. A serious accident that may be experienced by someone on the street, can play a decisive role, as the idea to found again faced with similar circumstances can begin to terrorize and eventually begin to avoid. Unlike, a beautiful day in the mountains, with good company, might encourage someone to choose the same environment again to make the ride.

End, the choice of a cycling path is often determined by our personal phobias. A person with a fear of heights or fear of snakes, easily dismiss the mountain, while an agoraphobic may reject the same ease the busy route in the city.

All these factors are clearly not the only one leading rider to choose the city or the mountain and do not always explain the choice of. Often, one can feel comfortable in both boxes and select a time and another place, without any particular reason. The purpose of this document is simply to get 'a feel' for the procedure many times automatically follow, when we choose something from something else.

Sissy Sidiropoulou

Psychologist Psychotherapist

Alexander Svolou 8

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