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Why you can not raise pounds in training;

Posted November 29, 2012 by Sermo in FITNESS

Have you ever thought why your bars are empty; Why retardant in machine resistance is high high; Why that and (You think) Nobody can climb level in pounds; And finally how you can change it; And yet everything is food issue, program and psychology.

The main reason why you feel bad in the room with the machines or free weights is a. The weakness. Very simply your own bar is empty and near full. You put the pin machine up and the next in the middle or lower. Beyond the body composition you see that next to you “lifts” well while you are struggling with the compact class. Find out what is wrong and what you can do to climb level.

There helps your body

Each person is unique. There are people with amazing power performance which are not due only to their coaching options. The types of muscle fibers form the dynamic profile each individual and determine his talent in various sports. If you belong to the privileged power then you will see the weight lifting to increase at a terrible rate. If again nature is not in endowed with this gift you will need much more time.

Not train with intensity

Coaching works in the body as a vaccine. The practitioner through the effort gives a strong incentive to improve the body. When the stimulus is strong then it becomes louder. Once again there is not enough significant progresses. The maintenance training is a big myth.

You have the right training program

To have requirements of our bodies should ask him specific things. Strength training has special characteristics. The most important of these is the short duration of the effort and the high degree of difficulty of the exercises. Ideal power plan is the pyramid.

Start the workout tired

You should not have any claim against the workout if you enter the gym jaded. The tired trainee is able only to injury. We reserve 48 hours break between two strong workouts and avoid working out a very long day.

You have no fuel

A trainee who has not eaten properly before workout never attaches to the maximum. If he still has not eaten anything at all, it is likely to prematurely terminate the workout, due to discomfort (dizziness, helter-skelter, feeling faint). A small meal two hours before the effort, can provide all necessary carbohydrates.

You have good psychology

To lift heavy weights one requires effort, infrastructure, predisposition and enough courage. Yes that's right, large resistors require overcoming of our own self which is not without '' guts ''. People who do not 'fear' the bars gradually evolve, even if they do not respect any of the previous factors.

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